Annual Holiday Special


About 5 years ago when I started my career as a professional photographer, I also started to do a holiday special where I would have 10 families meet me at one location back to back. This made it possible for me to offer a discounted price per family. Now it has become a tradition for Holladay Photo as I have seen how much families enjoy having nice photos for their holiday cards. This year I will be photographing on November 8th at bathtub beach,(see the shoot below). Each session will last for 30 minutes and will include a CD with 25-50 high resolution images for $95. You can call me to book 808.450.2316. I will post the schedule below. Over half the slots booked before I officially announced it, so if this day books up fast and I have the time I may offer an additional day. Check back for availabilty.

November 8th @ Bathtub Beach:

9:30 Jones
10:15 Malupo
11:00 Hart
11:45 Takahashi
12:30 Break
1:15 Kongaika
2:00 Kanahele
2:45 Kalama
3:30 Napoleon
4:15 Brenchley
5:00 Crosby
5:45 Loveridge


Stephanie J. Robertson said...

this is such a great idea! we are booked with our photographer friend for this year so it is good to know that this is an annual tradition- maybe next year! thomas and i both love your photo style. all the colors are so full and rich and you can always see so much personality and love in your family photos- i cant think of anything better.

Kahilau said...

Do you ever have locations in UTAH!!!! Sign me up!

Holladay Photo said...

I would of corse love to come to Utah to shoot your family, but I think its time to make your way back home.

DEAR DARLA said...

THANK YOU MARK!!!! I'm trying to get my sis to fill in that last spot but I think she has soccer until mid Nov. Oh well...CAN'T WAIT!

Amy said...

Mark -
We would love to do it if it's still open! Come next door and let me know!
Amy, Christropher, and Eve Hart

esmith2112 said...


If you ever want to do that at Oakland Beach in New York, I'll hook you up with some families!!! You could write the whole trip off as a business expense! Think about it. LOL

Skinner Family said...

I wish. Your photography is my absolute favorite. I check your blog often. I'll have to ask Brian if he'll let me pay $95 + $3000 to get us out there.
Again, let me know if you're ever in CA.
Oh, and do you use a polarizer on a lot of your pictures? Or is Hawaii really that intensely colorful and beautiful.

Holladay Photo said...

I don't use a polarized filter, I just bring the contrast out in the sky.

Keli'i and Megan said...

Oh, Mark, I'd LOVE to do ours again, but I'll have to take a rain check until next year...another year, another baby. So, after I'm done with the baby fat, we'll schedule something! Always such a great job, though!