Fun at Bathtub Beach

I think the biggest part of my job is not taking pictures, in this digital world anyone can pick up a camera and get a good picture. I think the most important part of my job is to help families relax and be in their element and forget that I have a camera in hand. That is when I get the best shots and we have the most fun. This family was truly fun to photograph, and I love it when families want to get in the ocean.

Hawaii Family Photography water-0005

Hawaii Family Photography water-0023

Hawaii Family Photography water-0012


Hawaii Family Photography water-0013

Hawaii Family Photography water-0014

Hawaii Family Photography water-0016

Hawaii Family Photography water-0017

Hawaii Family Photography water-0018

Hawaii Family Photography water-0019

Hawaii Family Photography water-0020

Hawaii Family Photography water-0001

Hawaii Family Photography water-0021

Hawaii Family Photography water-0002

Hawaii Family Photography water-0022

Hawaii Family Photography water-0003

Hawaii Family Photography water-0004

Hawaii Family Photography water-0008

Hawaii Family Photography water-0006

Hawaii Family Photography water-0007

Hawaii Family Photography water-0009

Hawaii Family Photography water-0010

Hawaii Family Photography water-0011


Kahilau said...

I love looking at your pictures. They capture the beauty in people and the space they are in so well. It makes me so grateful to have grown up in a place like that and it also makes me excited to go back and see the beauty through new eyes!

lia said...

What a fun set of pictures Mark. I love your get people to relax and have FUN and are able to capture the ESSENCE of people. I love your stuff

katie said...

mark- we're all going nuts for these photos! you did such an amazing job. i'm pulling some over to my blog. i love them all so much. yay!!

Keli'i and Megan said...

I LOVE those. I want some. After baby, maybe an ocean shoot. Yep, I think so!

Sarah & Eric said...

Mark, WE LOVE THEM!! thank you so much, what awesome shots you got! you really captured glimpses of each of our kids personality. we love your creativity. I want them all on my walls...can't wait to see the rest! you have rediculous talent and perfect personality for what you do, you were so great. thanks for everything!

nyclizzie said...

Do you need an assistant? I'd like to know where to apply.

Smiths said...

Great pictures. They tell so much about people, like how fun this family is. Oh, and Hawaii. Thanks for showing the majic of the place the way I see it.


LOVE these Mark! What equipment do you use for your under water shots? AMAZING!

My husband was friends with Lester. You did an amazing job capturing a very special event!

Caitlin said...

Your pictures are AMAZING!

Hawaii Monkeys said...

I love these photos!! So fun! And truly art the way you present them! Thanks for sharing! Tell the family I'm so jealous!

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

these are AMAZING!! so big and epic and full of life and love!

dana said...

Your photography is absolutely gorgeous, impressive, and with great personality. A pleasure to browse through your site.
And I've seen that family somewhere before though now I can't place it. Maybe I stumbled upon her family blog and she had some of these pictures posted.
Anyway, great site! GREAT skills you have.

Carolyn Nickols said...

I think these pics were taken a while back but they got me excited about our photo shoot this July! I hope my kids cooperate just as well! Love them all. Beautiful. Looking forward to meeting you and experiencing your great work!