Thank you Anna and Zane for a fun afternoon of shooting. In the second half of our shoot I experimented with some different lighting and style, keep a look out for a post with those shots in the future.

Hawaii Maternity Oahu-0001

Hawaii Maternity Oahu-0002

Hawaii Maternity Oahu-0004

Hawaii Maternity Oahu-0005

Hawaii Maternity Oahu-0003

Hawaii Maternity Oahu-0006

Hawaii Maternity Oahu-0007

Hawaii Maternity Oahu-0008


lia said...

mark - they turned out beautiful. Anna you look amazing! Lilia

Anonymous said...

How great are these?! The photo's are amazing! So vivid! I love the colors.

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

oh my beautiful anna and her wonderfully talented zane! great photos as always!

Jonna and Dan said...

Anna looks soo pretty! Great Photos!

Anna K. said...

Oh my gosh Mark, they look so awesome! Thank you so much!

Bille said...

wow, anna looks so beautiful! Love these pictures.

Chris & Jackie Kontoes said...

Anna looks so beautiful and so does Zane (I dont want to leave him out).

Watch out baby world...Mark is the master at prego/baby pictures. Everyone needs to have them done by Mark! If not, you will regret not having an ultra amazing pic of your belly/babies. I think it is so worth it!

The Price Family said...

Mr. Mark you are an amazing photographer and I agree with everything jackie said!!!

Malia said...

These are awesome... I've been wanting to do a shoot at that building for along time now... it turned out really well! And of course anna looks great!