Ocean & Passion

How often is a couple ok with taking an exhilarating jump into the ocean, on the day of their wedding.... in wedding attire!? When this couple told me they were interested in doing some kind of photo shoot with water, I was beyond stoked. Here are highlights from the sequence of events:

Starting with my favorite shot of the day:

Rewind to pictures after the ceremony:





_MG_9812 copy






Thanks to my assistants, these next 2 shots were possible.








Who looks like that after jumping in the ocean fully clothed?

Mahalo guys- I loved every minute of being your photographer.


Kurtis, Noelle, Drew, and Brody said...

I love it!! The idea, your photography! Amazing!

ashley said...

mark- those are awesome! great job!
i wish luke and i could get married again and totally copy them. so cool!

Anonymous said...

that was the best wedding album ive ever seen in my entire life.