Here are a few fun shots with little Indie, thanks Meg and Corbin for having such a fun house to shoot in.
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Hawaii Newborn Pictures-0008

Hawaii Newborn Pictures-0007

Hawaii Newborn Pictures-0006

Hawaii Newborn Pictures-0005

Hawaii Newborn Pictures-0001

Hawaii Newborn Pictures-0002
Hawaii Newborn Pictures-0014
Hawaii newboard skating in laie

Time for breakfast!

Hawaii Newborn Pictures-0009


What am I doing in this bowl?

Hawaii Newborn Pictures-0013

Hawaii Newborn Pictures-0010


Spencer, Erin and Parker Clegg said...

Hi Mark and Patria! Erin (Atkinson) Clegg again Wow. I just found your blog again and I wish I would have been checking it all along! I get to see all my favorite people in Hawaii in beautiful pictures- the Evans, the Moffats, Corbin's new baby. BEAUTIFUL. How are you guys?!

So I have a question for you- I'm trying to contact anyone I know in HI about this hence I found you (and again I'm glad) anyway, I realize this is far in advance but I’ve learned you have to do it far in advance—So I don’t know if you know or not but every five years the extended family on my mom’s side takes a trip to Hawaii for a month or two in the summer. My mom and her sisters grew up in Laie in the early 60's so we've been taking trip there forever. We are planning to come again next summer (2009) and so we are starting to look into houses/apartments to rent or trade. Sometimes families have come to live in our houses and we’ve lived in theirs (traded) or we’ve also rented.

We are looking for apartments or houses for families of various sizes- from young couples of two to large family of 12 or so. We are looking to rent or trade for anywhere from 1 week to 6 weeks between early July and Mid August 2009.

Do you know anyone who would want to do something like that? We actually have lived in TVA before and that worked well. I have a cousin and her husband who would love to do something like that. I know you guys aren’t in TVA anymore but do you know of anyone who would be interested in that? Or ANYTHING. We are looking for places of ALL sized (it’s a big family) If you hear of anything or can think of anything, let me know. Thanks!

And let me know how you are!!

Love. Erin

Spencer, Erin and Parker Clegg said...

Ps- sorry to post on here. I don't know any other contact info for you guys. And my email is erinclegg@gmail.com just in case.

Chris & Jackie Kontoes said...

If people want awesome baby pictures taken then they need to come to you.