Photo session with the lovely McCormick family. As you can see we had a lot of fun and I love the way these turned out. Often, I'm not a big fan of matching family outfits for photo shoots, BUT, I really think it worked beautifully with this family for the kinds of posing we did and the mood. White can be a color to avoid for photograph's, but don't you think this family pulled it off perfectly? Thanks guys for a fabulous photo shoot.









Anonymous said...

Great shoot- love it! I prefer leaving it up to the photographer to create something. What kinds of things do you suggest? or does it depend on the family?

Holladay Photo said...

it's a combination of both incorporating my style with who the family is. often the family has an idea of what they'd love (ie: we really want casual beach photos) and we talk about wardrobe possibilities and go from there. but if a family is really open and wants something artistic- then there are all kinds of directions to go- and i love that too.

emlizalmo said...

GORGEOUS pictures Mark!