I haven't ventured into maternity shoots much. Here are some from a recent shoot. Good looking mom + Hawaii setting + good props and wardrobe = killer shots. I love the red chair. Something about red furniture...when we lived in NYC, we had a red velevet couch. When we left we turned it over to friend and photographer Jon Moe. He put it in his Manhattan studio, and we saw it turn up in one of his website portfolios- he put it to good use. Anyways, thanks Summer and Matt, it was a fun time! Can't wait to photograph the newest addition.






_MG_7912 ga

_MG_7918 ga

_MG_7966 ga




Damaris said...

woah, I had no idea Summer was pregnant. How fun.

I love all the shots. The red couch one is my favorite th one of her by herself. I love red.

Anonymous said...

Just beautiful...

Anonymous said...

I love all of these! The first one is ah-mazing. Anne

summer said...

Wow1 They turned out great, you have amazing talent.
Thanks Mark

Reynolds said...

It looks like you've done a thousand maternity sessions! Love em'!

Naivalu Clan said...

i love this family and these photos!