Congrats 'Ekolu!

My most recent senior photo shoot was with 'Ekolu - graduating this year from Damien Memorial School. I had such a great time photographing him! Not only is he one of the coolest guys I've shot this year, but he also rips on his Quad...as you can see in a couple of the pics below. At the end of the photo session- he even let me take the Quad out for a spin- he made it look easy, but I quickly found out, not so easy! Congratulations 'Ekolu!




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Anonymous said...

My nephew, the rippen quadster. Cool Jumps, love the pop wheely. The pics are incredible, nice job Mark.

Piglet 26 said...

hahahaha! Those are great shots. I had that kid in my 10th grade English class! he rocks...very funny Brian (that is what I used to call him).

Anonymous said...

mahalos mark das alll u!!!!!

Jamee said...

Very handsome Ekolu, got great genes! Mark, thanks for your time and flexibility. The shots came out awesome, can't wait to see the rest. I dig the post card one!

Anonymous said...

wow Ekolu you're so cool! Mark, nice action shots.

micah and nic said...

Your entire site is amazing. You are one talented guy! Say hi to Patria and your sweet kiddos.
Nicole Smith