Congratulations to Tatiana, who is graduating from Kamehameha! It was my honor to take her portraits at this wonderful time in her life. I love the way they turned out. These are the highlights, it was hard to choose from some great shots. Kehau and Walter are such proud parents!
















Meg and Corbin said...

I love your photos, you are so talented! I am always excited to look at your new posts.

Anonymous said...

tati you are very beautiful and cute.

Anonymous said...

tatiana you rock hard.

Elizabeth said...

these photos are gorgeous, mark. she's beautiful. these photos belong in a magazine!

emlizalmo said...

Hey Mark...it's Amy (from Dover...well, not anymore). Your photos are looking amazing! I love checking your blog regularly. You're awesome!

Katie said...

Just beautiful! I'm am such a huge fan of your work! I used to go to BYUH too and was in Patria's social work classes. I check out your blog often and get so excited when you post new pictures.

Anonymous said...

Thats my sister!
She is a hotty!
Nice photos they are the best!
You never saw the brothers looks!
Nice Job!

Reynolds said...

WOW! You've got talent. Really nice Mark.

Mands said...

Awesome Mark! love the white dress one too!

Anonymous said...

Thats my cousin. What I can i say u look beautiful..it must run in the family...haha! Luv yah lots!