Getting Engaged in Hawaii

I have done a lot of random types of photography, but last week was the first time I had to go incognito to capture an engagement. Michael asked me to document this special event, without the love of his life, Stacey, knowing what was going on. What a fun assignment! But I knew if I didn't get it the first time, I really couldn't ask him to do it again.

The big day came. Michael chose to propose at Halona Cove- a beautiful location commonly referred to as the blow hole on the south east side of Oahu. When shooting on the beach in Hawaii you can come across a number of different elements that affect the outcome of the photos. Wind, sea spray, cloudbursts, crowded beach, too much sun, not enough sun, all kinds of challenges. I arrived early to scope out the terrain. I found a spot I could stealthily shoot from and then I watched the happy couple arrive. I began to feel nervous- feeling some of what Michael was probably feeling! My pulse sped up a little as I watched the proposal unfold, (notice the ring behind his back!)

This is the first shot I took after Michael told Stacey that a photographer was documenting the whole thing!

Congratulations Michael and Stacey! I loved capturing your exhilarating engagement!


Ginny said...

Whoooohoooooooo!!! Way to go! Congratulations!
Mom and Dad

Anonymous said...

BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS! Mark, thank you for capturing this moment for us. We had been waiting for this day since before Thanksgiving, and your photos make us feel like we were there watching the entire event.

Mike, CONGRATULATIONS to you and Stacey. I am so very happy for you. I love you both.

Your sister,


micah and nic said...

holy moses mark, those are gorgeous.

Elizabeth said...

last night i was looking at your last post and tevita happened to look on for a moment. he was like, "wait, who took those?" (he's not a bloggie like his soul mate) I was like, "mark". he then proceeded to tell me to scroll, stop, scroll some more, stop and said, "so gifted".
i think he knew that all along but it's fun that he was able to put the talent to the face he talks with every sunday. you are soooo taking our family portraits at the beach, mark. tevita would not have it any other way. awesome.

Elizabeth said...

wait, i just realized how insensitive that last comment was! CONGRATULATIONS to the newly engaged couple!!

nyclizzie said...

Mark, you're a SUPERSTAR! You make everyone look like a supermodel. How do you do it? Your pictures are so entertaining and I love the stories that go along with them.

Wish we lived closer so you could capture our family!

Aloha from NY! Liz Smith